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What is this course about?
The course focuses on the significance of garbage as art. In the first part of the course, it will consider what garbage reveals to us about both global culture and Hong Kong. Key questions include what our garbage shows us about what is valuable and not valuable, usable and not-usable, meaningful and wasted. In the second part of the course, it will explore examples in which garbage is recycled as visual, aural, or performance art; what we can learn from these examples; and how we can develop our own art projects using garbage. Emphasis will be placed on learning skills related to the artistic practices of visual, sound, and performance composition.

There will be a final art installation exhibit and public performance at the end of the course.


How can I benefit from this course?

The ability to engage in interdisciplinary approaches to solving complex questions requires skills in both the arts and sciences. The capacity to use one’s critical and creative capacities in a variety of learning contexts enhances problem solving, communication, and innovation – all skills necessary for successful student life as well as effective professional development.

Through this course, you will

  • Gain a broad-based understanding of garbage as art, i.e. its traditions and its contexts;
  • Contextualize contemporary interest in garbage within a cultural, historical, and political frame;
  • Explore how research on garbage can fruitfully be explored through arts-based research practices;
  • Apply course findings to individual areas of interest of garbage as art;
  • Refine critical thinking, creative thinking, and a variety of research skills.




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