Message from Our Executive Director

Eco Monitors Society Hong Kong is involved in educating the tourism industry in Hong Kong, Macau and greater China in areas of environmental responsibility. There has been much work done by major hotel chains in the areas of water conservation, reduction of chemicals used and the types of chemicals used, heat insulation, eco lighting etc but more can be done. There is also a lack of such programs in medium and small independant hotels in the region and indeed the world. We are also concerned with tourism development which has a negative impact long term on the natural environment and in the community. Many such developments fail to recognize the damage done or being done. Eco Monitors works with hotel and tourism developers to take steps to prevent such negative impact.We are also active working with indigenous communities throughout the region on eco tourism projects, protecting endangered species, flaura and fauna. Of particular concern is the Himalayan plateau, water security issues, pollution from the tourism industry and from military presence there.We have ongoing projects in all of these areas and partner with local and national Governments, NGO’s, Industry and other groups who share our concerns.We welcome new partner organisations and individuals who would like to work with us to save the environment. As Pope Francis said in May 2014, ”If we destroy creation,creation will destroy us, never forget this”


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